2015 Shanghai Symposium on Frontiers in Computational Chemistry

Computational chemistry is highly interdisciplinary in nature and its research area spans broadly physics, chemistry, biology, and material sciences. Along with the rapid advance in computer technology and theoretical algorithms, computational chemistry has already been widely applied and has provided important microscopic insights into complex systems. At present, computational chemistry has already been intimately intertwined with many experimental researches to provide both qualitative and even quantitative predictions of some important experimental results, and has tremendous potential for future development and application in many scientific branches.  

The Symposium on Frontiers in Computational Chemistry aims to provide an advanced platform to help promote international exchange and collaboration. The topics of the symposium covers research areas in quantum chemistry methods and applications, biomolecular simulation, statistical mechanics, molecular dynamics, etc. The symposium will strive to cultivate and promote novel research ideas and new methodologies along with their innovative applications through mutual interaction and exchange among computational chemists whose work are in the forefront. 


August 24 - 26, 2015


Room 1504, Pudong Campus, NYU Shanghai | 1555 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, China  

上海纽约大学1504室 │上海市浦东新区世纪大道1555号

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